Local Family Saying Thank You To Blood Donors

It was a night of gratitude and thanks.

As you may remember, Madalayna Ducharme, known as Windsor's 'warrior princess', was diagnosed with a rare life threatening genetic disorder last year and during her treatment received blood transfusions more than 40 times.

At the Canadian Blood Service's annual donor and volunteer awards, the Ducharmes took the time to thank the community for saving their daughter's life.

Madalayna's mother Tamara says the generosity means so much.

"It was an honour that Canadian Blood Services asked us to do this. With all the blood units that she's received, we feel that we need to give back somehow and we're very grateful and it's unbelievable how much love and gratefulness we have in our hearts for everybody that's helped us out."

Father Charles says he can't give thanks enough.

"These people here know what needs to be done and that's to donate blood and we're here to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Initially, we were given a 40% chance of success. So that was a very difficult number to hear."


Tamara and Charles Ducharme speak at the Canadian Blood Service's 'Honouring Our LifeBlood' event on June 5, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Tamara says if you're able to give blood, please do.

"It means so much. I hope that people see this and they go out and they donate blood. We need everybody that can donate blood to donate blood because it takes an army, it takes a village to help one person."

Madalayna turns two-years-old in August and has recovered receiving a bone marrow transplant from her three-year-old brother Henrik.

More than 275 donors and volunteers were recognized at the Canadian Blood Service's 'Honouring Our Life Blood' event Tuesday night at the Fogolar Furlan Club.