Local Fire Services Forming Training Partnership

A unique partnership for Windsor Fire.

City Council has given approval for the purchase of a 'mobile live fire training simulator'.

Windsor Fire will be splitting the $380,000 cost with LaSalle Fire, Amherstburg Fire and St. Clair College.

Windsor's Chief Stephen Laforet, says in the past firefighters have had to travel to Sarnia or even the US for this kind of training.

"It gives us an opportunity to provide our firefighters with live fire training which is something that we haven't been able to do up until this point," he says. "Any alternative solution to that would be very costly in terms of sending our staff out and back filling their position when they're gone. So we're very excited about this. Certainly it's a good partnership."

Laforet says it'll make training new firefighters easier as well.

"When we take new recruits on, they come with very little, if any, fire training. So we've used Oakland County Community College in the US. It's quite a tight day to get them over and get a good quality training day in."

 With the purchase approved, Laforet says the training trailer should arrive to Windsor-Essex within the next couple of months.