Local Flower And Candy Shops Are Ready For a Busy Valentine's Day

Flower and candy shops in Windsor are ready for a busy day today, Valentine's Day.

At Walker's Fine Candies on Howard Ave, Manager Rob Obeid says it's already been a busy few days for his business and doesn't expect anything different today. "This year has been non-stop, just very busy. Good thing no snow storm but customers have been coming in non-stop buying the chocolate truffles, the roses, the chocolate strawberries."

"Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the store," says Obeid. "I'm anticipating a huge rush. Last-minute people but we'll accommodate you the best we can and just come on in and get your chocolate for your loved one."


Walker's Candies on Howard Avenue getting ready for Valentine's Day (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Brandi Sullivan is co-owner of Janette Florist at 686 Janette Ave.

Sullivan says roses are the most popular flower but customers also like colourful arrangements. "Anywhere from the rainbow roses to blue roses. We have a large selection in cut flowers.  We have multiple drivers, up to eight drivers out delivering all day."

Sullivan says she looks forward to this day every year. "It comes and goes quite quickly and we are always happy to accommodate last minute or even pre orders because of our large staff we can accommodate quite a few orders."

Sullivan says the flower shop has taken plenty orders but her team are ready for walk-ins.