Local Food Drive Kicks Off Hunger Awareness Month

Staff at the Unemployed Help Centre are helping to mark Hunger Awareness Month by setting an example.

It held a food drive at the office on Cantelon Dr. on Tuesday and it is encouraging other workplaces to follow suit.

Centre CEO June Muir says donations tend to slow down during the summer months, but 'hunger doesn't take a break.'

She says it was easy to get the staff on board.

"Our staff is quite awareness of hunger," she says.  "They are very aware of what our clients face so it was not difficult to get them to bring in canned goods."

The unemployment rate in Windsor-Essex is around 6%, but the numbers are up at the food bank.

"Even though, we have people working, there is still not enough money for a lot of families to pay the rent, hydro and have money for food," says Muir.

In 2017-2018, the centre helped to feed 54,889 people, up nearly 17% from the previous year.

One in four children in Windsor-Essex lives in poverty.

Muir says the top three items needed are peanut butter, cereals and school snacks for children.