Local Health Unit Needs Updated Immunization Records From 1,800 Students

Time is ticking for hundreds of students in Windsor-Essex to prove they have their immunization records up to date.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit's Manager of Healthy School Judy Allen says notices were issued in December to about 4,300 students born in 2000 and 2001.

She says to date, there are 1,806 records that are incomplete.

 "We still have about a month to go before the suspension date which is March 20th, so we're hoping we can dramatically decrease the number of students still on the suspension list by then," says Allen.          

Allen says there are a number of ways for students to get their updated immunization records.

"We have some clinics in schools that we're doing and students can go to their family doctor or nurse practitioners to get their immunizations done," says Allen.  "We can take records over the phone or using our new online system.  So we're hoping that we won't have to suspend any kids in March."      

Students would be suspended for up to 20 school days, but as soon as they bring in their updated record or their exemption form, then they would be allowed to return to school.