Local Health Unit Plans To Step Up Mosquito Testing

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is looking to enhance its mosquito surveillance program.

The focus is on mosquitoes that could potentially carry the Zika virus after a couple adult Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes were found last summer during surveillance activities.

Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed says there was no evidence that the mosquitoes carried the virus. "The importance of this mosquito is they have the potential to carry Zika virus, which is very much of a concern in South America.  All the mosquitoes that were captured in Windsor-Essex there was no evidence to say they were carrying Zika virus, but just being them in an area which they normally don't exist is a concern."

"The enhanced program is expected to start in May," says Dr. Ahmed. "Setting up traps and looking for those specific mosquitoes which is very different than what we normally do for our West Nile Virus season."   

The regular larviciding program will also begin in May to combat mosquito breeding ground and the West Nile Virus.