Local Health Unit To Conduct Phone Survey On Mental Health

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is looking to gauge the mental health of residents in the area.

It is conducting a phone survey in the coming weeks asking people about their mental health, what services they know are available, how connected they are to people and sleep patterns.

Health Unit Director of Promotions Nicole Dupuis says the survey is about 10 minutes and although she understands people are busy, that's actually the point of the survey.

She says the information gathered in the survey is valuable.

"Start to decide where should we be putting programs and services," says Dupuis. "Where should we put resources, who should we be targeting, it will provide some baseline data for us to start the conversation."

Dupuis says there are no right or wrong answers.

"We are asking questions around overall mental health and well-being, your self-rated mental health, how do you feel your mental health is, your ability to bounce back, how many stressors do people have in your life, their ability to cope on a regular day-to-day basis."

The goal is to get 750 respondents

The health unit operates under the Ontario Public Health Standards which was late updated in 2008.  It has recently been revised to include mental health promotion.