Local Horse Racers Looking To Secure Future

The Lakeshore Horse Raceway Association is seeking support from the region.

President, Mark Williams, says the association's contract with the Ontario Harness Horse Association expires in two years and nothing is promised past that.

Last year, Leamington Raceway posted the third highest on track betting numbers across the province.

Williams says the numbers don't lie.

"They always want to talk numbers. It's got to be about numbers. Well, that's the number. But we want to make sure they know coming up that we have the support here. So there will be some backlash if they intend to move ahead and just unilaterally cut us out."

He says it would be a shame to see all that hard work go to waste.

"We've had such a success. That's what would be so sad now. You never know, you put on the party, are people going to come? And we put on, virtually, a Sunday afternoon shindig for everybody around and as soon as they heard of it they came. It grows every year."

Wednesday night, Williams attended Essex County Council which voted unanimously to support Lakeshore horse racing in its future endeavours.

This year's race season gets underway at Leamington Raceway in August with 13 race dates planned for 2017.