Local Hoteliers Discussing Potential Municipal Accommodations Tax

Local hoteliers are looking ahead and discussing a potential municipal accommodations tax in the city.

On Thursday, several hotel operators met with the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association and the President of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association President about the tax.

DWBIA Chair Larry Horwitz says he and Tony Elenis, President and & CEO of ORHMA, wanted to hear comments and concerns about the tax from the operators.

Horwitz says the operators want to know where the money will go if the city implements the tax.

"They have a lot of interest in this and concerns in terms of whether the tax should be implemented," says Horwitz.  "If it is implemented that it directly affects the hotels in terms of attracting business, conventions, visitors that it's not to harsh on people coming to town."

According to Horwitz, operators plan to hold more meetings in the coming months.

"They want to come out with a concrete position whether this tax should be implemented and if it is implemented that it should definitely be a valuable tax, that it should improve tourism to Windsor, improve occupancy."

According to the DWBIA, a report about the tax is expected to go to city council this spring or summer.