Local Humane Society Investigating Loose Rabbits In Leamington

The Windsor-Essex County Humane Society is investigating why eight domestic rabbits were found running loose in Leamington.

Society Executive Director Melanie Coulter says the rabbits were found in a specific neighbourhood between Christmas and January 1st. An investigation is underway to determine if they were set loose intentionally or accidentally.

The majority of the bunnies were white which Coulter says is not a natural colour for them in the wild. One rabbit had some medical issues with its eye but the others appear o.k.

"A lot of people mistakenly think that domestic rabbits are fine, they are the same as wild rabbits but releasing a domestic rabbit is the same as a death sentence," says Coulter.

The humane society takes in stray rabbits on a regular basis.

Coulter says rabbits are "high needs" pets which some owners aren't aware of at the time of purchase.