Local Humane Society Investigating Possible Case Of Animal Cruelty

The Windsor-Essex Humane Society is investigating a "possible" case of animal cruelty.

Executive Director Melanie Coulter says that's the only information she can share at this time.

However, Chicago police officer Joe Melone was in Windsor over the weekend visiting friends and saw what happened and attended the scene.

He says the humane society along with police officers were at a property on County Road 42 near the 9th Concession.

Melone says they were investigating the well being of some horses.

He says it appears the humane society was going to remove the horses until a man came out and fed them.

Melone says one horse appeared to be malnourished and the other horse appeared to be very thin.

"It was very sad and they were all filled with flies.  They clearly weren't being treated with the spray to keep the flies off of them." 

Melone says the horses should have been removed from the property.

"If this were back home where I'm a police man, I was taking the animals.  I don't care if he just brought food and that's what the rules are, clearly he hadn't brought them food in a long time, now he's trying to cover his butt so to speak that ain't going to happen.  I would take those animals, those animals are coming with me."

Melone says the horses were filled with flies.

"One of the horses is very very malnourished, you can see the ribs, it's sad.  It also appeared that one of them had some kind of a growth, it was actually pussing on its head."

Melone says he only saw two horses but heard there were a few more.

He says as of Sunday, the horses were still on the property.