Local Labour Council Concerned About PC's Vague Platform

The Windsor and District Labour Council says in a perfect world, the NDP would have formed government.

But President Brian Hogan is pleased the three NDP MPPs, Percy Hatfield, Lisa Gretzky and Taras Natyshak, were re-elected in Thursday's provincial election.

"Three wins for the consistency for the great work they are doing for the constituents, whether you end up being government or not, if you are working  for the people, that's the main thing," says Hogan.

He believes a lot of Ontarians woke up Friday morning wondering what a PC majority government means because the party was vague in its platform.

He is worried that labour laws that took steps forward under a Wynne government, will take a step backwards now.

"The new labour laws that Wynne brought in and pushed by the NDP, they are good laws," he says.  "Besides the fact that people talk about the minimum wage, it is good law for single moms and scheduling."

Hogan believes when something is being hidden--it is usually bad news referring to Ford's platform.

The Tories took 76 seats, while the NDP had 40 and the Liberals won 7, short of official party status.

--With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza