Local Labour Council Hosting Sports Equity Workshop

The Windsor and District Labour Council is hosting a workshop next month to build safe, inclusive equitable sports organizations.

Improper comments about women posted on social media by a local minor hockey leader may have sparked the event, but it's not about the Windsor minor Hockey Association.

Labour Council President Brian Hogan says they protested and sent a letter, but felt there was more to be done.

He says their idea was to reach out to sports organizations to help them ensure their governance covers this kind of issue.

Hogan says the event May 3rd is open to the entire community:  "anybody that's involved in sports; boards of directors, coaches, volunteers, moms and dads, to come to the event and it's going to be a round-table and who has a good by-law and how do you handle equity and everybody listens, that's good we could have done better, we're going to tweak our by-law"

University of Windsor Sports sociologist Dr. Victoria Paraschak is part of the panel and will talk about a "strengths and hope" program for sports organizations.

She says the problem may be with a small number of people, but the workshop is for everyone.  "we never spend time talking about what they're good at , and supporting the strengths they do have. That's why I disagree we should focus on the 2%. I think we need to get people connected to their strengths and we connect resources to those strengths to help further them"

She says hockey is not the only sports culture with issues, the forum will look at all sports.

The event takes place at the Ciocarro Club from 7 to 9 PM. (Wednesday May 3)

Hogan says the Windsor Minor Hockey Association has been invited to participate, but they won't be held up to ridicule.

He sees this as a starting point with mini-workshops to follow, which will eventually become a regular event spreading across the province and even Canada.