Local MP Says Unemployed Help Centre Lives Up To Promise Of Hope

The Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor welcomed NDP MP for Windsor-Tecumseh Cheryl Hardcastle for a lengthy tour.

Hardcastle made her way through the centre's Cantelon Dr. location as part of the Imagine Canada's iMpact Days — MP's are being matched with charities and none profits and charities in their region to get a better grip on the challenges they face.

She says the centre truly lives up to its name.

"Whether you're getting job training or you're using the community garden, learning how to garden, using a citizenship and immigration program that they provide, or the day care for your child, there's so much that happens here and it really is that hub of hope, I see where they get that," she says.

The program hopes to get government and the public on the same page and to see everything the centre has to offer in the hopes she would bring a message back to Parliament Hill that more can be done.

Hardcastle says she has no problem delivering that message.

"How could we advance this even further, how can we be smarter with what we've already got," says Hardcastle. "We see we're capable when you see the energy and the innovation and the willingness here for people to try something new, when you see that, you say okay."

She says spending several hours meeting with frontline staff and people using the centre is something she wishes she could do more often.

"Give us your paperwork and they're here for 30 or 20 minutes, this is a three hour thing and you get more depth," she added.

According to a release from the UHC, there are 170,000 registered charities and non-profits in Canada, many of those charities rely completely on donations — iMpact Days continue nationwide until Sept. 16.


With files from AM800's Rob Hindi