Local Police Conduct Marine Training Exercise

A joint forces training exercise on area waterways Friday.

LaSalle Police, Windsor Police, the OPP, RCMP and the Ministry of Natural Resources conducted an exercise off of the LaSalle boat ramp on Laurier Dr. on what to do if called for a man overboard.

It also launches the start of the local boating season.

LaSalle Constable Harbinder Gill says even though the exercise helps police sharpen their skills for the upcoming busy boating season, it's also a good reminder for local boaters.

"Let's say if somebody falls in the water and they are sitting on their personal floatation device, it is not doing you any good while sitting on it, you should be wearing it," he says.  "Let's say if there is a child on board, make sure it (PFD) is fitted properly, even for yourself."

Gill adds these exercise are important for police because of the upcoming construction of potentially two new bridges over the Detroit River.

"We will roughly have anywhere from 15 to 20,000 workers coming into the area over the next two to three years and that is going to be a significant increase on the water, because that is where the bridges are being built."


Police conduct training exercise. April 13, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Crime Stoppers attended Friday's training exercise.  Windsor Police Constable Kristina Gilboe says residents need to be aware that Crime Stoppers also extends to local waterways not just crimes committed on land.

"If they see any alcohol smuggling, tobacco smuggling, illegal activity, drug smuggling, human smuggling," she says.  "They can call Crime Stoppers and report that anonymously."

Constable Gill says in water temperatures like today, it won't take long for a man overboard incident to turn into tragedy.


Crime Stoppers wants local boaters to call them if they see suspicious activity. (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)