Local Prostate Cancer Research Gets Funding Boost

Some local cancer research received some help from motorcycle riders.

Dr. Lisa Porter, a researcher at the University of Windsor, received a cheque worth $20,000 to help fight aggressive forms of prostate cancers.

"One of the things is that some men's cancer evolves and becomes much more aggressive," she says.  "So finding new treatments to stop that aggressive progression of prostate cancer is something that a lot of different labs are focusing on."

The money was raised during last year's Windsor Telus Motorcycle Ride for Dad, which is scheduled to take place again this year on May 27 starting from the Festival Plaza in Windsor.

Receiving large national grants for research is difficult without the initial data according to Dr. Porter which is why donations are vital.

"Sometimes some of the best ideas and some of these things that can truly be a big advance, just don't get the leg up that they need to get the data to move it forward, so to me, this kind of money is critical."

One in seven men will get prostate cancer.

Last year, about 500 motorcycle riders took part in the Ride For Dad fundraiser and organizers are hoping to get about 750 riders this year.