Local Restaurant Operator Believes Uber Eats Is Here To Stay

The past chair of the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel, Motel Association calls the arrival of Uber Eats in Windsor "inevitable"

Dick Bedereaux-Cayne feels many restaurant owners and operators will jump on board.

He believes it will be the wrong choice for owners and operators if they decide against using Uber Eats.

"If they weren't here at all, we would have to deal with this and life would go on just as charming as it is already," says Bedereaux-Cayne.  "But it's going to be here, it's inevitable and the chance we all have to make is are we in or are we out and I think being out in many circumstances would probably be the wrong choice."        

Bedereaux-Cayne adds "It's one of those things where, are you going to get in it to compete and if you're not what do you stand to lose. There's a lot of pressure I believe to get in it."   

Uber launched its food delivery service in Windsor on Wednesday. It allows restaurants without a current delivery service to send meals to customers.

It also allows people to order and have food delivered from a restaurant that doesn't offer delivery service.

To use the service, you have to download the Uber Eats app.


— with files from AM800's Peter Langille