Local Restoration Companies Taking Plenty Of Calls

It's a busy time for local restoration companies.

At Cross Canada Restoration, Claims Manager Lisa Devine says the phone has not stopped ringing.

She says calls started to come in after Monday's storm mainly from Tecumseh and Lakeshore but after Tuesday's downpour, the company was getting more calls from the south Windsor area.

Devine says the company has brought crews in from out of town.

"I've never seen this many calls on come in, says Devine.  "Being with the company, we've been very busy and very steady.  However we've got calls from homeowners who don't live in the city, who own property here in Windsor and it's continuing.  The phones have not stopped and we're here help and make sure everyone is well taken care of."  

Devine says during this busy time, local restoration companies are working together.

Cross Canada Restoration is open 24 hours a day and is located in LaSalle on Malden Road near Martin Lane.