Local Teacher Urges Everyone To Be A Donor

A local teacher is urging Windsor-Essex residents to become organ donors.

Windsor ranks 160th out of 170 communities when it comes to registering consent for organ donation.

Heather St. Pierre went from needing a kidney, to surviving a transplant, and returning to health and her career as a teacher.

She told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' being diagnosed with kidney disease couldn't have come at a more dangerous time. "At the time I was pregnant, so I had to go through a really intensive dialysis treatment for the duration of my pregnancy and I was lucky to have a health baby in 2013."

St. Pierre wasn't able to put her name on the organ donor list until after the birth of her son and was forced to wait for an anonymous donation, from someone who passed away.

She underwent a transplant in August of 2015 and St. Pierre says she couldn't be more grateful for the organ she received.

She's urging others to consent to organ donation at www.beadonor.ca.