Local Tourism Industry Trying Promotion Through Blogging


Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island is trying the social media way of promoting the region.

At the TWEPI Annual General Meeting, the keynote speaker was Tiffany Martin, who blogs as The Travelling Pint.

She recently spent three days touring the local breweries, distilleries and other tourism properties.

TWEPI CEO Gordon Orr says using social media is more cost effective than more traditional forms of advertising.

"She's got a trusted following, she's a trusted blogger, and she's not going to write about something that isn't going to be good for her or good for her followers.  I think that that's what we want to do.  So we asked her to come and share some tips, some techniques and basically some insights."

Orr says they're putting resources toward the venture.

"We've got more travel writers and bloggers coming to this area this year than we've ever had.  And we've got a staff member that's dedicated to working with itineraries working with our partners.  And more importantly our partners are the ones telling us that this is the sort of marketing they'd like to see us do."

Martin describes the beer she sampled here as "delicious."

"But I also liked the variety so you could find something for everyone.  I think it's really.  I mean I drink all beers but some people are stuck in certain niches or style.  I found that was available everywhere."

Martin says while this area doesn't have an attraction like Niagara Falls or the CN Tower, it's rich in stories and the people are warm and welcoming.

Social media hits for the region last year were up close to 10% over 2017.

The AGM was also told hotel occupancy was up 3.5% to nearly 66%.

Tourism overall in Windsor-Essex employs 16,000 people and brings half a billion dollars to the local economy annually.