Local Veterinarian Reminds Pet Owners To Stay Alert This Easter

There's a lot to love about Easter, like time with family, egg hunts and candy aplenty, but this fun-filled holiday can be hazardous to pets.

Those same happy treats can make a pet sick according to Dr. Manjit Jammu — he spoke to Kathie McMann on The Afternoon News.

Jammu is a veterinarian with Clearwater Animal Hospital in Windsor,  he says if the family dog becomes ill, knowing how much chocolate is in the house could save his or her life.

"Depending on the size of the pet, and how much they ingested it can lead to, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, their heartrate goes through the roof, they can even end up having seizures as well, " says Jammu.

Jammu says all pets will eat things the way they're found, which means damage from swallowing wrappers and containers is also a concern.

"Anything to go with the chocolate they'll get a mouth full leading to foreign bodies in the digestion system, the stomach lining, sometimes causing an obstruction in the gut," he says.

Cat owners need to look out for Easter lilies too, Jammu says even a small amount can do some serious damage.

"Even a small amount, one to two leaves of the lily plant, can lead to kidney failure," he says. "Time is of the essence here, if you see the pet has chewed up any plant, go see your veterinarian immediately."

He says keeping potentially dangerous items out of your pet's reach is the best way to ensure their safety.

— with files from AM800's Kathie McMann.