Local Worry About Limited NAFTA Progress

As NAFTA talks continue, there is a lot of concern locally about the lack of progress.

Essex MP Tracey Ramsey is tracking the progress at the talks in Washington.

She says the top local issues are not being addressed at the point.

"That means auto, talking about labour levelling that playing field across all 3 countries and of course supply management is something the Americans have really been talking about but we've yet to see anything come forward" says Ramsey.

She says both workers and businesses are deeply concerned about what the talks could mean, particularly the people on strike at CAMI automotive in Ingersol right now trying to keep their work from going to Mexico.

Ramsey says the NDP is pushing to level the playing field with the other countries.

"That's top of mind for all of us in this region we've lost an incredible amount of jobs and it also has to be respectful of those who are trading with the US who have a very balanced relationship" says ramsey. " So this is a difficult negotiation and without things coming forward we're quite concerned about whether anything will actually happen at this table"

The latest proposal from the US side calls for extremely complicates auto content regulations.