Lock Out Cancer Raises Close To $120,000

A major boost for cancer awareness, research and treatment for women in Windsor-Essex.

An event called 'Lock Out Cancer' has raised $120,000.

Hundreds gathered on the weekend to place locks with memories and messages around the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.



Windsor Cancer Foundation Executive Director Houida Kassem is calling the first-time event a big success. "The idea is to empower women so that they can come together and feel that support with other women," she says. "As you can see we're jam packed with people and it's fantastic."

Kassem says the money will continue to support programs throughout Windsor-Essex. "Breast reconstruction, also areola tattooing, video conferencing as well," says Kassem. "We've got CADD Chemo Pumps, which enable patients to actually have chemo at home, some patients are not able to get to the centre and now they don't have to worry about not being ambulatory, we'll come to you."

Funds were raised throughout the month of May.