Longtime Port Boss David Cree Retiring

For the first time in 33 years, there will be someone different in charge of the Windsor Port Authority this spring.

Longtime CEO David Cree has announced he is retiring as of May 1st.

The 67-year-old says he doesn't have any specific plans beyond playing a bit more golf and travel with his wife.

Cree says a hunt for a replacement is underway with a national search and also internal candidates.

A major national firm that has experience with port placements has been engaged for the process.

Cree says one accomplishment he's most pleased with is the authority's involvement in Sandwich Towne.

"It's really happened more since we moved our office down here 3 years ago and we do a lot of work in Sandwich Towne" says Cree "We've got a couple of parks green spaces, people places that are on the go right now.  We've done a lot of work, environmental work fish habitat etc."

Cree says he has one unfinished item on his agenda, a long term solution to the Ojibway Shores property.

Cree says he's been thinking about retiring since about mid-summer and the May date made the most sense.