Low Response For Heat Pump Program For Residents In Little River Acres

Only 91 homeowners have taken advantage of a Heat Pump Program for residents in Little River Acres in east Windsor.

The program which ended December 31, 2016 targeted homeowners who have electric baseboard heating.

Enwin had enough funding to subsidize 385 homeowners.

"Although participation was a lot lower than expected, we still have participation in the program to get enough information to determine whether the program is a success," says Manager of CDM Services Chris Routliffe.

Routliffe admits there is a lack of information about heat pumps in the market place as well as the initial up front costs to the homeowner who signed up.

But he says in the long term, the units would pay for themselves in 4-5 years through hydro bill savings.

Of those homeowner who have signed up, Routliffe says residents appear to be happy.

"Of the 91 participants, all of them have been satisfied and comfortable and that is going to be the number one driver right behind bill savings."

Under the program, homeowners would be subsidize up to 40% of the initial up front cost.

Heat pumps can range in price from $5,000 to $7,000.