Low Turnout For Student Rally At St. Clair College

The turnout was low but the frustrations are high at a so-called 'student rally' at St. Clair College.

Students had scheduled a rally Wednesday morning from 8am to 5pm to voice their opinions of the 3-week strike by faculty members, but only a handful of students showed up.

First-year office administration student Ashley Ouellette says if the strike ends soon, a contingency plan put in place by the college will work.

But she fears if the strike drags on, she will lose her semester.

"I'm pretty frustrated and anxious about losing our semester and being out of class for a month, that's a quarter of our semester," she says. "I'm also frustrated with the council because I feel they didn't have to force this vote and it is putting us back."

At this point, she feels there is a good chance students may lose out on their semester.

"I feel that if the talks break down that we are not going to be back and I'm worried about losing the semester at this point."

A supervised vote for St. Clair College faculty is set for November 14th.   

The College Employer Council requested the Labour Relations Board to hold the vote on its final offer.

OPSEU is recommending its members reject the offer.

330 workers at St. Clair College have been on strike since October 16.

--With files from AM800's Kimberley Johnson