Lull In Patient Volumes At Windsor Regional Hospital Is Over.

The reprieve in the bed capacity issue at Windsor Regional Hospital appears to have been short lived.

20 surgeries have had to be postponed because of the bed shortage situation, including four more today.

There was a "lull" in patient volumes in the past 4 to 5 days but Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj says the past 24 hours have been very busy at both campuses.

"It came back with a vengeance," says Musyj.

He says there was an influx of elderly patients and patients from long-term care homes into the emergency department.

He says the severity of the patients is getting worse and they are requiring longer hospital stays. 

As of Wednesday morning, Ouellette Campus was at 110% over-capacity while the Met Campus was at 119%.

It is estimated the hospital has spent close to $2-million more than anticipated due to the capacity issue.

Both campuses currently have 54 "Admit no bed" patients.

Musyj says there are still people who are going to the Emergency Department when they don't have to be which is adding more pressure to the system.

He says the hospital is working with the Ministry of Health and Local Health Integration Network to create some bed capacity and he hopes to have more details in the next day or two.