Lyme Carrying Deer Ticks Found At Ojibway Prairie Complex

A worrisome discovery at the Ojibway Prairie Complex in Windsor last week.

Some field biologists found four Black-legged ticks, or Deer ticks, in one day.

Windsor's Biodiversity Co-ordinator Tom Preney says the concern is the Deer tick can transmit Lyme disease.

He says normally, they find the American-dog ticks in the park, so to find so many Deer ticks in one day is a bit concerning.

Preney says the timing is not unusual.

"Black-legged ticks, they can become active basically above freezing," says Preney.  "From what I have read, usually 4C and above, these ticks can become active."

Preney recommends people stay on the trails, wear light coloured clothing in order to spot the tick easier and wear bug spray with Deet.

All of the ticks found last week will be sent to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit where they will be tested for Lyme disease.

He says if someone finds a tick on them, they should bring it to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit so that it can be tested for Lyme disease.