Lyons Named New Director Of Education At Local Catholic School Board

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board has named its new Director of Education.

Terry Lyons was unanimously chosen by the board to replace the retiring Paul Picard.

Lyons has been with the board for two years and has served as Executive Director of Human Resources and Associate Director.

Prior to his time at the local catholic school board, Lyons was a Superintendent at the Greater Essex County District School Board.

He was also principal and vice principal at Essex District High School and vice principal at Riverside Secondary School.

Lyons says there will be a transition period over the next month.

"I'll still have my role that I have currently and I will work with Paul during the next month or so to transition through the role and Paul will not be going to far away," says Lyons.  "I'll always have contact with Paul to make sure we can transition in a proper way."     

Lyons started his career in 1989 as a physical education teacher in Markham.

Picard announced his retirement earlier this year.

His last day on the job is October 30th.