Macassa Bay Rescue Plan Organized

The tour boat Macassa Bay should be back in its proper winter mooring soon.

The 93-foot long steel vessel broke free of its mooring during the strong winds recently and was found wedged across the Little River Channel near the Windsor Yacht Club.

Windsor Harbourmaster Peter Barry has been in contact with the ship's owner and a plan is in place.

Barry says the ship has been secured and won't drift away on its own.

He says it's wedged pretty tight within the harbour,with the appropriate ropes on her to make certain it doesn't slide anywhere and the ice is also holding it in place so it would take a lot to move it again.

Barry says a tug boat is on its way up from Lake Erie and depending on the ice and weather should arrive today or early tomorrow.

He says because the vessel is winterized there has not been any environmental damage from the situation and there's no hole in the hull.

Barry says he has found one person enjoying the situation.

One ice fisherman was using the ship as a wind protection while he dipped his line.