Major Fast Food Chain Coming To Amherstburg

There will soon be a new fast-food option in Amherstburg.

A public meeting was recently held to amend a zoning bylaw for 83 Sandwich St. South.

Mayor, Aldo DiCarlo says it's no secret that the restaurant is a Wendy's.

"The development wasn't incredibly clear as far as listing Wendy's as the restaurant but I don't think it's any secret that, that is exactly the restaurant that will be coming to town."

He says it will be located near the Sobeys.

"It will be a new bricks and mortar building, it's actually going to have a heritage theme. I recommend everybody take a look at the picture."

DiCarlo says the building will have a heritage theme to better fit in with the neighbourhood.

"It fits beautifully into that part of Amherstburg.," says DiCarlo. "It has, I guess we could call it a Victorian theme with brick peaks and all of the other detail on the building."

There is no estimated time on when construction will start on the project.