Major Fundraising Success for CMHA Windsor-Essex

The local chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association has reached its $500,000 fundraising goal.

As part of the 'Sole Focus Project,' the goal was to raise the funds over three years — but it was achieved in just one.

Spokesperson Kim Willis says the community was extremely generous.

"Everything from Unifor Local 444 to Ground Effects, we had a couple of events that were very successful, including 'Rock Your Soul' which raised $125,0000 on its own, and then we received a significant donation from the Solcz Family Foundation," says Willis.

She says $500,000 was a 'lofty goal' for CMHA Windsor-Essex. "The largest fundraising initiative that we have launched and being mental illness, we were not sure how it would be received by the community," says Willis. "We've been blown away by how it's been embraced."

Launched in February 2017, the Sole Focus Project campaign is meant to raise awareness about mental health and funds to support mental health awareness, education and training.

The Sole Focus Project campaign will continue on for the intended full three years, seeking to raise an additional $500,000 in each of the remaining two years.

The campaign will also grow to include setting aside funds to support their renowned Bereavement Program, which provides supportive grief counselling to children and adults dealing with the loss of a loved one.