Major Gain For St Clair Fire Fighting Program

A major gain for the Pre-Service Fire Program at St Clair College.

A firetruck declared surplus by the Town of Tecumseh, has been donated to the college and will be used in the training of future fire fighters.

"They're going to be able to concentrate on their studies and concentrate on their practical work and not have to worry about mechanical failure or any of that," says Lido Zuccato Chair of Skilled Trades at the college. "It will be great to have a fully functioning truck."


Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara (right) presenting a 1990 Spartan Pumper Firetruck to Lido Zuccao, Skilled Trades Coordinator at St Clair College, October 9, 2018. (Kristylee Varley/AM800 News)

Tecumseh Fire Chief Doug Pitre says the donation is key to the practical learning.

"Hands on actually pumping on a truck, actually stretching hose lines to see what it feels like, to learn how hydraulics work on a pump and driving skills," says Pitre.

The 1990 Spartan Pumper Firetruck was just taken out of service on September 25th.