Make Your Fridge Part Of Your Spring Cleaning

If you're planning on doing any spring cleaning, make sure you include your refrigerator and freezer on your 'to do list.'

A public health inspector with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit says a lot of build up can happen inside your fridge, especially if there's a lot of spillage, raw meat, raw seafood or cracked eggs.

Jenny Tan says it's important to give your fridge and freezer a good cleaning because you don't want any potential bacteria to cross-contaminate your food. She recommends cleaning your fridge with warm, soapy water.

"When you spring clean your freezer, make sure you check the best before dates on any food," I mean you can look at if there's freezer burn, for example, discolouration and tell tale signs that maybe it's time to ditch it out."

The temperature inside your fridge is also important. Tan says it should be set at 4C or 40F while your freezer should be set at minus-18C or 0F. She says bacteria tends to grow at a much slower pace in those temperatures.