Marchand Calls For An Audit Of Enwin

A mayoral candidate in Windsor has unveiled another piece of his campaign.

Matt Marchand is calling for an audit of Enwin.

He says the audit would happen within his first 200 days in office if elected.

Marchand says Enwin would also have to address council regularly.

"Enwin to report to city council and the community in an open session every six months," says Marchand.  "Enwin and board packages to be available online and the annual report will be available online not be request.  In order to provide transparency and value for money for Windsor ratepayers, this is good taxpayers governance."   

Marchand adds he wants to establish term limits for Enwin board members and its affiliated companies.

"Maximum years to serve is eight years combined, set the tone from the top, reduce number of Enwin boards from three to two for cost savings and efficiencies," says Marchand.    

Marchand says Enwin board members would not be able to serve on multiple boards and get multiple retainers.