Marchand Continues Platform Rollout, Slams Aquatic Centre Spending

Matt Marchand continues to roll out his platform in hopes of becoming the Mayor of Windsor.

At a news conference Thursday, Marchand outlined what he calls a "three-point plan for fiscal responsibility, increased transparency, and accountability at City Hall."

Over the course of the campaign so far, Marchand says one of his main goals is to introduce an independent auditor general.

An example of something he would like that person to review is the Aquatic Centre/Adventure Bay, which Marchand says "is losing $3-3.5 million per year and taxpayers are on pace to pay for this facility twice over 20 years."

In response, current Mayor Drew Dilkens says the City of Windsor offers a lot of services and each of them cost money.

"Whether we're operating recreation facilities and arenas, community centres and the programming there, the cultural affairs department with Willistead and Mackenzie Hall, all of those cost tax payers money to deliver those services and the aquatic centre is no different," says Dilkens. "And what my opponent calls 'losing money,'  I call an investment in our community and into the quality of life of Windsorites."

Marchand also takes issue with how much money has been spent on Grand Prix sponsorship.

"The city has spent approximately $400,000 on Grand Prix sponsorships over the past 10 years. What was the benefit to Windsor taxpayers and how was that measured?"

Marchand says his vision is to "reshape how City Hall and its affiliated companies operate to maximize fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability." 

This is the fifth in a series of policy platforms and ideas to be released from Marchand between now and Election Day.