Masse Says Ambassador Bridge Company Could Use Canadian Steel

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is lashing back at the Ambassador Bridge for its call to remove the "Buy American" waiver from the Gordie Howe Bridge project.

The bridge company president issued a statement and has sent a letter to the US government with the request to level the playing field from their point of view.

Masse responded with a letter to Ambassador Bridge President Dan Stamper.

Masse is dismissing the bridge company's request.

"The mere suggestion of the Ambassador Bridge to waive that element is an affront to the jobs, the economic development and I simply would suggest back to them they should ask for that same clause. Perhaps the reason that they're trying to do this is to open up a possibility for them to lower costs and use overseas steel."


Ambassador Bridge, April 13, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says the Ambassador Bridge has yet to make any move to help the Sandwich Town residents affected by construction of a new bridge.

"Where are the community benefits for Sandwich Town? We had meetings again over the last number of weeks with residents and business owners and community groups and their impact on this community is nothing short of unacceptable. Especially, given they promised to actually meet with groups and organizations."

Masse says the bridge company has an easy way to solve the waiver complaint.

"If they want to actually level the playing field, what they can do is include Canadian steel and content. For us, as Canadians, we're just as happy to have steel from Hamilton as it is from Pittsburgh."

Masse says he doesn't see any connection between the "Buy American" waiver and the Canadian government's approval of the replacement span for the Ambassador Bridge.