Masse to Run Again in Windsor-West

Brian Masse got the nod to take another run at MP for the New Democratic Party in Windsor-West in 2019.

The 17-year-veteran of federal politics went through the nomination process uncontested and was named the ridings candidate at the Hellenic Cultural Centre on Walker Rd.

Masse still has two more weeks in the Federal Assembly before he can get ready to get his hands dirty for yet another run to Parliament Hill.

He plans to keep his focus on what's best for residents in Windsor-west: defending digital rights, improving the environment, assuring a new international crossing is completed safely and on time.

After all these years, he tells AM800 News being the lone nominee trusted to lead the riding for his party is still humbling.

"It's a great sense of humility and it's something that I need to respect every single day and continue to do so," says Masse

At the Conservative Party call for nominees in Windsor-West earlier this year, Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association President Al Teshuba said the NDP would never form a majority government saying the NDP is an "ineffective third-party" in a two-horse race between the Conservatives and the Liberals.

Masse says telling voters to choose a party that doesn't line up with what's right for the community isn't a responsible suggestion.

"That old tired line that they have is also bad for politics and bad for our youth because what they say is it's who you know. First of all, you have to assume that they actually are the people that will get to the table, which is a stretch in any opinions," he added.

Masse plans on getting out into the community to start door knocking to prepare for the election in October.