Masse Wants Airline Bill Of Rights Introduced Immediately

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling on the Minister of Transport to introduce a promised Airline Passenger Bill of Rights.

The call comes in light of the dramatic viral video of a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago.

Masse, the NDP's Industry Critic, wants the legislation tabled before the end of the current Parliamentary session.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau last promised the bill was in the works in November 2016.

Masse says the United situation highlights there is specific protection needed for airline passengers in Canada. "Can this happen in Canada? I don't believe that we would actually have police forces responding at the end of the day like that. These things are clarified through legislation, through regulation, but we can't get there if we don't have a minister willing to submit a bill and we're willing to do that if he's not."

"Airline passengers need protection from companies putting the bottom line first ahead of their customers," says Masse. "It's also the, kind of the callous attitude internally, the culture that the CEO exhibited with regards to basically referring to his passengers as if they were just pieces or objects."

The current Parliamentary session is set to wrap Thursday before resuming for three weeks on May 1st.