Masse Wants Probe for Capital One Data Breach


Windsor-West NDP MP Brian Masse has fired off a letter to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Masse wants an independent investigation into the Capital One data breach.

He says an independent investigation is needed instead of relying on the financial institution's public disclosures.

"In the United States they can actually level fines and penalties right away when they're guilty," says Masse.  "Over here in Canada we haven't updated that law something I've been calling for, for the last four years."

Masse says it's time to modernize Canada's privacy and consumer protection laws.

"We have to come to terms that we're treated as second rate citizens over here in Canada," says Masse.  "In Ontario in particular is one of the largest consumer purchasing societies in North America and we continue to get sub treatment.  So these are the challenges we want addressed."         

The Capital One data breach has impacted approximately 6-million Canadians.

In some case social insurance numbers have been compromised.

Capital One provides MasterCard credit cards for Costco and the Hudson Bay Company.

Masse sent the letter to Daniel Therrien on Wednesday.