Matthews Will Not Wear A Letter For The Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not made an announcement on the next captain but more has been revealed about the leadership group for the upcoming season.

During a sit down interview with TSN's Darren Dreger, head coach Mike Babcock said that Patrick Marleau, John Tavares and defenceman Morgan Reilly will each be wearing an 'A' as alternate captains.

Head coach Mike Babcock was asked by Dreger about the indecision over naming a captain...

"There's no indecision and Dubie {Kyle Dubas} and I have talked a ton about this. So the guys that will wear letters of us this season will be Marleau, Tavares and Reilly.," said Babcock. "Our leadership group is very, very good. The guys that are going to have letters this year are the three guys I mentioned but when we get together as a leadership group to decide what we're doing its all those guys."

Babcock said when he was in Detroit, everyone always asked who picked the captain....

"Does the coach pick the captain, does the players pick the captain, does the owner pick the captain? Well we all thought we did. The GM thought the captain should be Nik {Lidstrom}, the owner thought the captain should be Nik, the players thought the captain should be Nik and the coach thought the captain should be Nik. Zetterberg was the captain, it was the same we, we all thought it. That's what's going to happen here, so we'll just let that evolve."

Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas said last week the team would open their season without a captain, ending months of speculation that  or  would get the 'C.'

The Maple Leafs have not had a captain since the team traded Dion Phaneuf in February of 2016.