Mayor Believes Hospital Library Could Be Used By Entire Region

The Mayor of Windsor is suggesting a library branch for the proposed Acute Care hospital will be accessible to residents of both the city and county.

Drew Dilkens made the comment at an announcement by the Windsor Public Library and Windsor Regional Hospital to collaborate on the idea.

Both institutions have pledged to explore the possibility of a branch if the province approves the hospital project.

Dilkens says his suggestion is just that, based on the location of the proposed hospital near the county: "This isn't an effort to take over or amalgamate library branches but how do we do what's right for the residents in our community whether you live in Windsor or Essex County. How do we make it so you can check out assets and materials at this one branch which we know will be a very regional library for those who use the hospital."

Dilkens says he doesn't want to hint that a regional library system is imminent: "Does that lead decades from now or a decade from now to a conversation about amalgamation of the library system, maybe, but no-one's trying to put anyone in a box here we're not trying to bite off more than we can chew."

Dilkens points out the hospital facility will be for regional use and if a library branch is included in the facility, it should be regional as well.