Mayor Dilkens Concerned About Latest Report On High Speed Rail

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens doesn't want the province to put the brakes on high speed rail coming down to Windsor.

Dilkens voiced concerns during Monday night's city council meeting with the latest report from the Ontario group conducting the Environmental Assessment and review of the project.

The report now indicates that the London to Windsor portion of the project is a 'Phase 2..."

Originally the report said the London to Windsor portion would be done as demand warranted and Dilkens believes that is code speak for 'it will never happen.'

"We want to make sure that if there is high speed rail moving forward in the province of Ontario that we are not a phase 2 dotted line after thought," he says."That there is actually a commitment on the table from the government to move forward and do the Environmental Assessment and not sort of waffle on the future of high speed rail if it is going to happen."

Dilkens admits the section between Windsor and London will not be highly profitable for high speed rail but it is still critical to connect the southern portion of Ontario to the GTA.

"They are doing the Environmental Assessment between Toronto and London, that is guaranteed, but the next portion is not guaranteed."

Dilkens is worried the intention and commitment aren't there from the province to have high speed rail from Toronto to Windsor.

He hopes the issue will be raised during the upcoming provincial election campaign.

High speed trains would travel at up to 250km/hour.  

--With files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza