Mayor's Race Looming In Leamington

There is a mayor's race looming in the town of Leamington.

Deputy Mayor Hilda MacDonald has thrown her hat into the ring to run against current Mayor John Paterson who is seeking another term in office.

MacDonald, who brings 12 years of experience to the table, believes it is time for a refresh in town and a different approach, not that the town has been regressive.

She started thinking about running for mayor in the fall and then worked on it this year to see if there was support in the community.

"I have support and respect out there," she says.

MacDonald says she has a lot of respect for current Mayor John Paterson and hopes the next five months remain professional.

"Always remembering that we have worked together well for our 12 years together, so I am hoping that we don't slip into that kind of thing, that is my biggest concern."

She says her run for mayor is about taking the municipality to the next level.

MacDonald believes the main issues are cannabis production, affordable housing and transportation.