McGregor Teen Rocks Out With Foo Fighters

A dream come true for a teenager from McGregor.

17-year-old Lucas Gregetz rocked out with the Foo Fighters at their show in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Gregetz tells AM800, he was in the front row with his dad and he had a sign that said "Let me jam Monkey Wrench."

He says lead singer Dave Grohl saw the sign and called him up to the stage.

"I was just going around having a good time," says Gregetz.  "I made sure I went to each member of the band, kind of jammed with them as kind of a thank-you which was pretty fun.  Dave let me do a solo which was pretty cool, got the crowd going which was pretty spine chilling seeing 20,000 people cheering at you, pretty amazing."  

He adds this was his third time seeing the band perform live.

"I brought a sign it said let me jam Monkey Wrench and I tried once before in Toronto to go up and they didn't see it but luckily enough when I was in Ohio," says Gregetz.