Michigan's Governor Hosts Ontario's Premier In Snowy Detroit

Ontario's Premier and Michigan's Governor are very much on the same page when it come to the economy and the environment.

Kathleen Wynne and Rick Snyder met in Detroit today, ahead of a visit by US President Trump to Michigan.


Cadillac Place in Detroit where Ontario's Premier and Michigan's Governor met (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

The two announced they will be co-hosting a summit of Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Premiers and Governors in Windsor and Detroit coming up in October.

Meeting with reporters after their gathering, they both addressed the coming NAFTA talks, Great Lakes research funding, the Gordie Howe Bridge and education.

Snyder says the economies of the state and province are closely linked and they should have a voice:  "it's really a federal national issue in terms of NAFTA, I think we both have a strong interest, I can't speak for the Premier but I know from my perspective I think we should have a good voice about saying how important it is to continue that and make sure it's a win-win situation for both"

Wynne says they want to change the conversation about the states and provinces being in competition:  "part of the exercise as we go through the discussion around NAFTA is for people to understand how integrated and inter-dependent we actually are so that stat about an auto going across the border 7 times demonstrates the jobs on both sides of the border are dependent on each other, that's the point we will continue to make"

Snyder deflected issues about a drastic reduction in US federal funding for Great Lakes research, saying it would not be a good idea.

It's one of several issues Snyder expects to raise with President Trump during their Wednesday meeting.

Snyder also confirmed land acquisition for the Gordie Howe Bridge is on track an on schedule.

In a release issued following the meetin it was pointed out that Ontario is Michigan’s top customer worldwide, with nearly $21 billion (US) in exports in 2016. Some 259,000 Michigan jobs are supported by trade and investment with Canada, more than 91 per cent of which is with Ontario.