Mickelson's Ready For U.S. Open

The second major of the year in golf, the U.S. Open starts Thursday in New York.

Phil Mickelson believes Shinnecock Hills is one of the best setups he's ever seen for a U.S. Open.

The course where Mickelson twice contended on Sunday has been lengthened by some 450 yards.

Mickelson, who also has a golf course design company, likes it when the hard holes are harder and the easy holes are easier.

''So when they take 14, which is a very hard par 4, and they make it harder and move the tee back, I actually like that a lot because it allows for the players that are playing well to make up strokes on the field by making pars,'' he said.

He also noted that the front of the green is open, allowing shots to bounce onto the green, which makes it fair for everyone.

''It's a hard par,'' he said. ''But if you make a par there, you'll make half a shot up on the field.''

Mickelson concedes that setting up a golf course for the U.S. Open is not easy.

He just hopes the USGA doesn't bring too much luck into the equation.