Milder Temperatures And Rain Pose Flooding Risks In Windsor

Windsor has gone from snow removal to potential flooding risks.

With warmer temperatures in store and rain in the forecast, some of the snow will melt which will increase the risk of surface flooding.

Residents are being asked to check catch basins and make sure they are clear.

"Any catch basins on the road that are blocked, the water is not able to get to it or on private property, so when the melt comes it can get away, if it can't get away, you end up with some surface flooding," says Dwayne Dawson, executive director of operations.

"I don't think there is any significant amount of rain, but just with the rain coupled with the warmer temperatures on the snow, we are going to see some significant water on the ground."

Homeowners should also check to make sure eves troughs are unplugged and flowing properly as well as remove large amounts of snow away from the foundation.

About 24cm of snow fell in Windsor this past weekend and temperatures are expected to reach 8C on Thursday.