Mixed Reaction To Closing Street Off Cabana

The proposed permanent closure of a local road in south Windsor that's part of the upgrade of the Cabana Road corridor has mixed reaction.

A public meeting on closing Huntington Avenue at Cabana Road East attracted around 50 people.

Windsor Engineer Jane He says reducing access point to Cabana will make traffic flow more smoothly.

She says about half those at the meeting are in favour.

"People support the closure and the traffic calming as from time to time traffic cuts through from Cabana toward Dougall"

He says the residents most concerned are those on the neighboring streets who worry about increased traffic.

"Traffic capacity on those two local roads are minor, therefore according to the study after that our level service would still be within acceptable levels"

He says they'll now compile the comments of the public and bring a final recommendation to council by the spring of 2019.