Modest Gains In February Auto Sales

Ford of Canada is reporting its best February in 17 years for sales.

The Oakville based automaker saw 2 vehicles post their best Februaries ever, the Ford F-series and the Transit Van.

The company saw sales increase 3-percent over the same month last year with close to 19,000 vehicles sold.

Truck sales increased over 5-percent while car sales fell close to 11-percent.


aM800 file photo of a Chrysler Pacifica inside the Windsor Assembly Plant (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)

FCA Canada is reporting a modest sales growth in February compared to the same month last year.

The 2-percent hike was driven mainly by fleet sales, which increased 9-percent over last February while retail sales fell slightly.

The Windsor-built Dodge Grand Caravan continues its popularity with a 30-percent increase in sales year-over-year.

Close to 500 of the new Pacificas were sold in February.